About Us

I. Historical development:

1986: Established Private Enterprise Trung Hai specialized in shipbuilding
1992: The shipyard was moved to a new head quarter at No.45 Cho Dam Trieu, Quan Tru, Kien An, Hai Phong.
1999: Business scope and scale were expended to build international-going ships.
2004: Constructed a series of 18 ships 4300 DWT, established a strong position in the domestic market and beginning to bring the shipyard name to regional and international market.
2006: Restructured, renovate shipyard facilities and changed to Dai Duong Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd
2007: Re-planning, upgrading facilities of the shipyards in order to match with the developing trend of the industry.
2008: Established Dai Duong Shipbuilding Group
2009: Begin to construct Pacific Shipyard with 10 times capacity of Dai Duong Shipyard.
2010: completed the operation section of Pacifiac Shipyard and started constructing the first ship MV DAI DUONG QUEEN capacity 10.068 DWT.
2011: Establish company’s fleet to provide international transportation service, once again, establishing company’s competitive position in the market.
2014: Continue to invest and install advanced equipments and production systems mainly importing from German, Japan and Korea.
2015: Renovating and upgrading Dai Duong Shipyard. Starting a new era with many projects of shipbuilding varies from 5.200 DWT to 16.800 DWT.
2016: excerlarating production and completing the final phases of Pacific Shipyard.
2017: Continue with various new building projects as well as manufacturing other heavy industrial products such as structure of shiplifting system, gantry crane steel structure, overhead crane steel structure, power plant steel structure etc.
2018: Start constructing drydock project with capacity 56.000 DWT for Pacific Shipyard.
2020: Continue to build a series of 5 cargo ships 20.500 DWT. Continue to invest in more ship section transporter 320T and setting up gantry crane 189 DWT in the drydock.
2021: Setting up gantry crane 1500 DWT in the drydock, completing the 56000 DWT drydock and begin to operate. The Group is now capable of taking in for new building or repair ships up to 56.000 DWT.

II. Future Planning :

Curent operation capacity (by steel) : 60.000 tons of steel /a year
5 year forcast capacity : 130.000 tons of steel /a year

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